Artwork by Nina Butorac

Unless otherwise stated [ONFS = Original Not For Sale], all works are available to purchase.

I accept commissions for paintings of your loved ones, pets, or boats (even if they are all one and the same!) You must send a quality photo that I can work from. Please contact me at for details, instructions, and further arrangements. Thanks for visiting!


Brahms, 16x20 [SOLD]

Soccer Boy, 8x10 oil

Pope Francis, 11x14 oil

Pope Francis Face, 8x10 oil [SOLD]

Saint Francis, 10x10 oil [ONFS]

Green Girl, 9x12 oil

Japanese Youth, 9x12 oil

Miles Davis, 9x12 oil [SOLD]

Freckle Girl, 9x12 oil

Freckle Youth, 9x12 oil

Russian Youth, 9x12 oil

African Man, 8x10 oil

Madonna, 12x9 oil [SOLD]

Orphan Kids, 10x14 oil

African Woman, 9x12 oil [SOLD]

Salvatori Mundi, 8x10 oil [ONFS]

Boy by Tree, 8x10 oil

Don and Dog, 9x12 oil [SOLD]

Thomas Merton, 11x14 oil [ONFS]

Richard Thompson, 12x16 oil [SOLD]

Joe Butorac, 24x36 oil [SOLD]

Merton's Hermitage, 10x8 oil [SOLD]

Lady with Scarf, 9x12 oil [SOLD]

Soldier Boy, 8x10 oil

Middle Eastern Man, 9x12 oil

Asian Girl, 9x12 oil

Portrait of a Portrait, 8x10 oil

Hat Man, 9x12 oil

Mother and Child, 9x12 oil

Paul Simon, 9x12 oil

Jesus in the Garden, 12x16 oil [SOLD]

Rosebud, 10x8 oil

Guy, 9x12 oil

Fly Boy, 9x12 oil

Before the Fall, 16x12 oil

Dorothy Day circa 1920, 8x10 oil [SOLD]

Petar, 9x12 oil [SOLD]

After the Tantrum, 9x12 oil

A Certain Style, 9x12 oil

Girl in Hood, 9x12 oil

St Catherine, 11x15 oil [SOLD]

Sophia, 9x12 oil

Asian Shawl, 9x12 oil

Hombre con Sombrero, 9x12 oil

Griffey, 9x12 oil [SOLD]

Gentle Street Tough, 9x12 oil

Vendor Ron, 9x12 oil [SOLD]

Boat Boy, 14x18 oil

Bella Luna, 8x10 oil

Janice, 9x12 oil

Enrique Verde, 9x12 oil

Beasts and Things:

Otters! 9x12 oil [SOLD]

Sea Otter, 12x8 oil [SOLD]

Sandpipers, 12x9 oil

Iggy! 9x12 oil [ONFS]

Beach Bird, 12x9 oil

Orange Kitty, 9x12 oil [SOLD]

Big Dog, 9x12 oil [SOLD]

"Scout" Corgi, 9x12 oil [SOLD]

Wood Pecker, 8x10 oil [SOLD]

Clown Fish, 12x9 oil [SOLD]

Busy Beagle, 12x9 oil [SOLD]

Brown Bear, 12x8 oil

Window on the Sea, 9x12 oil [SOLD]

Skyline Drive, 10x8 oil

Daly City Houses, 12x9 oil

Itzie Mitzie, 8x10 oil [SOLD]

Benson, 9x12 oil [SOLD]

City Lights, 8x10 oil [SOLD]

California Flowers, 8x10 oil

Hairy Pooch, 9x12 oil [SOLD]

Boats and Stuff:

Beach Boat, 11x14 oil

Brown Boat, 8x10 oil [SOLD]

Grey Boat, 8x10 oil [SOLD]

Building Boat, 12x9 oil

Whidbey Pram, 10x8 oil

Fog Bound, 9x12 oil

Croatian Lake, 9x12 oil

Montenegro, 9x12 oil [ONFS]

Calm Waters, 9x12 oil

Green Wave, 12x9 oil

Blue Wave, 10x8 oil [SOLD]

Stormy Boat, 11x14 oil

Beach House, 9x12 oil

Shilshole Sunset, 9x12 oil [SOLD]

Lonesome Highway, 12x9 oil

Blue Bug, 12x9 oil

Rock Harbor, 12x9 oil

Moonset on the Golden Gate Bridge, 9x12 oil

Mexican Bug, 12x9 oil

Mountain Sunrise, 10x8 oil

Duck Dodge, 12x9 oil


St. Michael, 5x7 [ONFS]

Pianos, 10x8 [ONFS]

Flannery O'Connor,
5x7 [ONFS]

Self Portrait, 1982
2x3 [ONFS]