Artwork by Nina Butorac

Unless otherwise stated [ONFS = Original Not For Sale], all works are available to purchase. I charge by the linear inch, $20 per, unframed. For example, most of these featured works are small, 8x10 (or thereabouts) paintings on canvas panels. An 8x10 canvas is 18 linear inches x $20 = $360 purchase price, plus shipping and handling.

I can also arrange for prints to be made of these works, for your purchase, including those marked [ONFS]. Prices vary.

I accept commissions for paintings of your loved ones, pets, or boats (even if they are all one and the same!). You must send a quality photo that I can work from. Please contact me at for details, instructions, and further arrangements. Thanks for visiting!


Brahms, 18x20 [SOLD]

Soccer Boy, 8x10 oil

Pope Francis Body, 8x10 oil

Pope Francis Soul, 8x10 oil

Saint Francis, 10x10 oil [ONFS]


Otters! 8x10 oil

11x9 oil

Iggy! 8x10 oil [ONFS]

Blue Wave 8x10 oil


Beach Boat, 8x10 oil

White Boat, 8x10 oil

Grey Boat, 8x10 oil

Building Boat, 10x8 oil


St. Michael, 5x7 [ONFS]

Pianos, 10x8 [ONFS]

Flannery O'Connor,
5x7 [ONFS]

Self Portrait, 1982
2x3 [ONFS]